6 Day Seminar~Techniques in Iris Analysis Iridology Level 1 and 2 Seminar with Bonus Day of Emotional Iris Analysis (Rayid)


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~Techniques in Iris Analysis Seminar~

Join us for our in person six day seminar

Monday July 10th- Saturday July 15th, 2022

in San Marcos, CA 92069

Monday Check In 9:00 am -9:45 am. Class is from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm,

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday Class is from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. 

A Powerful and Beneficial Seminar


Ellen uses colorful graphics, charts, slides, and beautiful power-point presentations to teach Iridology, in a relaxed organized step-by-step manner, to make learning easy and fun. You will learn the history of Iridology, the anatomy of the eye, specific iris signs and what they mean to the health of a person, information about the body’s genetic constitution, universal language and terminology for iris analysis; and nutritional and herbal therapies to strengthen body systems and improve health. In the second portion of the seminar, Ellen will take you deeper into the study of iris analysis and share with you some amazing case studies of people she has worked with.

For those who wish to become IIPA Certified, this course will prepare them to take the IIPA Certification Examination. For IIPA certification, a college course in Anatomy and Physiology is also required.

Students will receive certificates of completion from Bernard Jensen International and the International Iridology Practitioners Association at the end of the course.

Included in the Techniques in Iris Analysis course, Ellen also teaches valuable information in Nutrition and Natural Therapies. Some of the topics are:

*Proper Breathing
*Conscious Relaxation
*Skin Brushing
*Holistic Nutrition
*The Importance of Cleansing
*Balancing PH
*Thyroid, Hormone and Candida Testing



What is Iridology?


 Iridology is the study of the pigmentation and structure of the iris or colored part of the eye as well as the pupil border and sclera and how they relate to each of the body systems.  Each iris contains 28,000 nerve endings that go to all parts of the body.  The border of the pupil connects directly through the optic nerve which is a bundle of over a million nerves that go to the brain and spinal cord and out to all of the organs and glands of the body.

Through Iris Analysis, we can learn what your inherited strengths and deficiencies are, what illnesses may be more likely to impact your health, and how your emotional nature can influence this. The iris acts as your bodies blueprint. By understanding it, you have an empowering road map towards optimal health and well- being. If you have current challenges, an iris analysis can target contributors to these problems. Once identified, corrective measures can be employed, providing you with an opportunity to get well more quickly. The iris can also reveal the potential for future health risks, so preventive measures can be effectively applied.



What to Bring:


 No prerequisite is required for this seminar, but if you would like to read and study ahead of time, it will help you get more out of the lectures. Ellen Tart-Jensen’s DVD set, Techniques in Iris Analysis, is available as well as her new textbook, Techniques in Iris Analysis is available on our website.

A magnifying lens will be provided for you to use in class if you do not already have one. We have the 10x magnifying lens available for purchase at the seminar as well.  A variety of items, including Ellen Tart-Jensen’s updated full color Iridology Chart, a notebook that will help you follow along with the seminar as well as pictures and some note papers will be included with this seminar and a 4 part cd-rom PowerPoint presentation.



Iris Photos, Anatomy and Imaging


You also will have the opportunity to have your irises professionally photographed by Jon Miles. You will receive the high-res photos of your irises via email/CD or flash drive. Premium color printouts will also be available for an extra fee. Jon will be presenting some information on the iris anatomy and imaging. He will also be available to answer any questions in regards to purchasing an Iris Camera.


Emotional Iris Analysis (Rayid™)

Another great tool is Rayid that helps to tell a remarkable story about who we each are. Each iris has a particular pattern and, like fingerprints, no two eyes are alike. This course is about Rayid Iris Analysis a valuable psychological, emotional, spiritual tool for iris interpretation and a guidance system into deeper awareness about ones personality and emotions, and you will be able to learn it the last day of this seminar.



Places we suggest where you can stay in San Marcos, CA:


Residence Inn by Marriott San Marcos – (760) 591-9828

1245 Los Vallecitos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92069 (4 Miles from Seminar Location. Each unit has full kitchen)

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott – (760) 891-0111

227 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92069 (2 Miles from Seminar Location)

Lakehouse Hotel and Golf Resort, San Marcos – (760) 744-0120

1025 La Bonita Drive, San Marcos, CA 92078 (5.6 Miles from Seminar Location)

Best Western, Escondido- (760)740-1700

1700 Seven Oaks Road, Escondido, CA 92026 (4.6 Miles from Seminar Location)

Hampton Inn San Marcos- (760)736-9249

123 E. Carmel Street, San Marcos, CA 92078 (2.3 Miles from Seminar Location)


*We also suggest looking into using an Air B&B or VRBO type of place instead of a hotel as another option. Both of these are app’s that can be downloaded onto your phone to use with ease. You should be able to go straight to their website as well.


Transportation to San Marcos, CA


If you are flying to Southern California, we recommend flying in to San Diego International Airport. San Marcos is located approximately 26 miles north of San Diego. If renting a car is not an option, the Super Shuttle will take you directly to your hotel from the airport or an Uber.

Super Shuttle Transportation – 1(800) 258-3826

Complimentary transportation will be provided to and from your hotel if in the San Marcos, CA area to the seminar location. We would just need to know ahead of time to have someone be able to help.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Aguiar our office assistant at 1(760)471-9977 pacific standard time or email the office Info@bernardjensen.com or text 1(760)750-0552.

In the seminar, Ellen talked with medical language, combining the old and the new knowledge, explaining the right things with the right scientific facts, thus carrying Iridology to a new place inside the health and related science fields. 


Thank you for the wealth of information and for your energy, light, caring, and serenity. I want to share all of the knowledge I learned in this seminar with all my clients, patents, staff, and family. – K

Ellen’s class on Iridology has been a life changing experience. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to get to know Ellen and also the wonderful classmates in her class. I loved the fact that there is a lot of reference to anatomy and physiology and the way the info is put together is so simple and practical but also so very much complete. I truly enjoyed my time in San Diego!!!