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Did you know that Dr. Bernard Jensen has taught in over 2 dozen countries, had his books translated into 6 languages and received honors and awards from over 15 countries?

“My patents have been my books,” he tells lecture audiences. What he writes in his books is backed up by many decades of working directly with patients, using his nutritional knowledge and other nature-cure therapies to lead people back to health. He doesn’t believe in drug or surgery, excepts as a last resort or emergency circumstances.

Dr. Jensen has three Ph.D. degrees, one in clinical nutrition from the University of Humanistic Studies in San Diego, on in naturopathy from the Pacific College of Naturopathic Physicians in Los Angeles, and one in iridology from the University of Health Science in Honolulu.

Dr. Jensen, the wholistic healing believes in and practices reflects not only a healing philosophy that takes in body, mind and spirit, but a planetary consciousness that brings together therapies, remedies and approaches to healing and health from many of the countries he has visited, from every continent except Antarctics.

In 1978, Dr. Jensen was knighted into the Order of St. John of Malta for his humanitarian work worldwide. Since then, he has received awards and honors from the People’s Republic of China, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Taiwan and Costa Rica.

1. 1. The 16 chemical elements

2. 2. Learning about our foods

3. 3. Learning about objectionable foods

4. 4. Foods east to digest, laxative or neutral foods containing citric acid

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