Bundled Set of 24 Power Point Presentation on Cd-Rom’s


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This amazing deal comes with:

1) Pupil Tonus

2) Contraction Furrows Sclera Signs Syndromes

3) Using Iridology To Determine Both Physical & Emotional Characteristics

4) Iris Constitutions & Remedial Therapies

5) Iridology & Natural Health For Children

6) Balancing Body Chemistry

7) The Environment, Nutrition & Immunity

8) Whole Body Cleansing Program Through Bowel Management

9) Pre-Cancerous Signs In The Iris

10) The Adrenal Gland & The Cortisol Connection

11) Collarette Signs

12) History Of Iridology: Roots & Current Applications

13) Iris Constitutions

14) Iris Signs

15) Iris Pigments

16) Lacuna Types

17) Using Iridology To Balance Body Chemistry

18) In Depth Iridology Case Studies & Therapies For Adults

19) Iridology, Nutrition and Cleansing

20) Examining Atypical Signs In The Iris & The Eye

21) Atypical Ocular Signs That All Iridologist Should Know

22) Dr. Jensen’s Flash Cards

23) Brand New Released August 2019- Understanding The Collarette

24) Brand New Released August 2019- Restoring Liver and Gallbladder Function Through Iridology & Nutrition

All Cd-Rom Power Point’s Presented By Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII (Except The Flash Cards By Dr. Bernard Jensen)

For PowerPoint users, insert the CD into your cd-rom drive and open your PowerPoint Program. From the file menu choose open, select your cd-rom drive and click on the Flash card.ppt file, then click open.


Once the presentation is open you have a few options, you may choose to look over the presentation using the slide sorter or the show view. You can access both of these via the menu option within PowerPoint.



For non PowerPoint users, insert the CD into your cd-rom drive and find your cd-rom drive via Windows Explorer and follow the directions listed below

  1. Double-click the Ppview97.exe program file on your cd-rom drive to start the setup program.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.


Once the setup program has completed find Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97 in your Programs menu and click on it. Find your cd-rom drive in the look-box and click Flash card.ppt file, then click open.