IRIDOLOGY LEARNING SPECIAL-9 DVD Set, Workbook, 4 Part CD Rom, Through the Eyes of the Masters, 5 CD Roms



Course required for Certification by the International Iridology Practitioners Association

Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII

This is a complete course in Comprehensive Iridology filmed live in the classroom with Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen. It covers Level I and Level II required for IIPA Certification. Included in this course of study are Iris Signs, Iris Constitutions, Lacuna Types, Pigments, Pupil Tonus, Collarette Signs, Contraction Furrow Signs, Sclera Signs, and Syndromes. Colorful iris photographs with examples of each iris sign are shown. Dr. Bernard Jensen visits the classroom and gives a talk on the value of iridology as well. This is the perfect course for students who cannot travel to a live seminar and desire to learn iridology and become certified through IIPA at home. It is also a great program for those who wish to continue to review iridology after they have attended an iridology seminar.

Included with Purchase:

– 9 Volume DVD Set
– Techniques In Iris Analysis Workbook
– 4 Part CD-ROM Set which includes:
*Iris Signs, Iris Constitutions, Iris Pigments and Lacuna Types

We Have Added:
– Through the Eyes of the Masters Book

– CD-ROM- The Adrenal Gland & The Cortisol Connection
– CD-ROM- Pre-Cancerous Signs In The Iris
– CD-ROM- Using Iridology to Balance Body Chemistry
– CD-ROM- Flash Cards
– CD-ROM- History of Iridology