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Dr. Jensen’s first book was the joy of living and how to attain it. His favorite book, among those he has written, is Vibrant Health from your kitchen, which played a part in the inspiration for this series of five books: Master Nutrition Course series. He loves to teach people how to take better care of themselves.

Dr. Jensen will be 90 years old next year, and he has reached that age still actively teaching, lecturing and writing books. What’s his secret? Three things. He loves what he is doing in the healing arts. He believes in what he is doing for others. He follows the same teachings he’s presenting to you in this book and the other 5 books in his Master Nutrition Course series.

For many years, Dr. Jensen has been teaching, lecturing and writing books urging people to take greater responsibility for their own health by learning to apply sound nutritional principles to their own food programs. It is beginning to happen, nationwide.

He has received “Le Diploma d’ Argent” from the Academie du Merite Scientifique in Paris, France, “for exceptional services rendered to humanity,” and 12 other awards from European nations in the past 40 years.

One measure of his success is that the health food and supplement industry now has reached the multi-billion mark in annual sales. In 1997, the National Nutritional Foods Association honored Dr. Jensen with its annual President’s award, which is inscribed, “Presented to Dr. Bernard Jensen for influencing America on nutritional alternatives.”

1. 1. Changing Our Consciousness to get well

2. 2. Times have changed and so have foods

3. 3. Getting down to basics

4. 4. What our foods do for us and to us

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