Techniques In Iris Analysis Expansive Iridology Course – Includes 9 DVD set, Textbook and Mag Lens!



Techniques in Iris Analysis Expansive Iridology Course contains the following products:

– 9 DVD Set

– Workbook

– 4 Part CD Rom

– 8.5 x 11 Iridology Chart

– Techniques in Iris Analysis Textbook

– Magnifying Lens

Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII

9 DVD Set, Work book and 4 Part CD-ROM

This is a complete course in Comprehensive Iridology filmed live in the classroom with Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen. It covers Level I and Level II required for IIPA Certification. Included in this course of study are Iris Signs, Iris Constitutions, Lacuna Types, Pigments, Pupil Tonus, Collarette Signs, Contraction Furrow Signs, Sclera Signs, and Syndromes. Colorful iris photographs with examples of each iris sign are shown. Dr. Bernard Jensen visits the classroom and gives a talk on the value of iridology as well. This is the perfect course for students who cannot travel to a live seminar and desire to learn iridology and become certified through IIPA at home. It is also a great program for those who wish to continue to review iridology after they have attended an iridology seminar. The 9 dvd’s are in English and Spanish only. We will only send out spanish if it is noted in your comments at the time of purchase. The dvd’s do not have subtitles.

A Complete Textbook On Iridology
387 Pages – Hardcover (English Only)

One of the most up to date Iridology textbooks available in the world today. Clearly written with hundreds of color photographs and illus­trations.

Beautifully Illustrated with Educational Color Graphs and Charts

Reviews the Remarkable International History and Roots of Iridology with Historical Iridology Charts from Around the World

Teaches in Depth Comprehensive Iridology™ as is approved by the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA)

• Definition of Iridology and What It Can and Cannot Do

• Iris Zones

• The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Eye

• Iris Fiber Structure, Density, and Resilience

• Iris Color and Pigmentation

Includes Detailed Instruction With Color Graphs and Iris Photographs On:

• The Latest Research on Ways the Eyes Change

• The Many and Varied Iris Constitutions Based on Color & Struc­ture with Informative Nutritional Recommendations for Each

• A Complete Review of the Collarette and What It Indicates About Vitality Levels and Digestive Ability

• The Various Pupil Shapes and What They Indicate About the Health of the Spine and Bodily Organs

• Iris Signs, Lacuna Types, Transversal Signs, and Iris Syndromes With Specific Arrows to Signs Within Iris Photographs

• Sclera Signs with Arrows and Explanations

• Diseases, Injuries, and Deformities of the Eye

• Detailed Iris Analysis and Instructions On How to Perform an Iris Analysis

Personal Stories and Explanations Provided By the Author from Her 25 Years of Experience Teaching Iridology and Working With Thousands of Clients

Magnifying Lens with Light 10x Power
– 10x Illuminated Flashlight
– Optical glass lens for clear images
– Never needs replacement bulbs
– 2 LED’s for superior illumination
– Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

The Super Power Magna-Lite is the first choice among iridology professionals. It delivers the high-performance 10x magnification that is required for accurate iris readings.

Certification Information

Upon completion of this course, if you would like to receive a certificate from Bernard Jensen International, please request the written exam that goes with it. For a $100.00 Fee.

This course also qualifies you to apply for official certification through IIPA. To become officially certified by the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA), go to the website at or e-mail IIPA at and tell them you have successfully completed the 9 DVD Set, Techniques in Iris Analysis by Ellen Tart-Jensen.

Then request an application for the IIPA certification examination. ($200.00) The certification exam is a three part exam which I will mentor you on after you have applied for IIPA Certification.

Part I: you will analyze 10 people’s eyes on a form that I will send you. Then send the analyses to me to grade.

You do not need the iris pictures for these.

Part II: This is a case study which I will send to you. This is one person’s eyes with a written case study.

When you pass that section, you will be ready for the written exam which will be mailed by IIPA to a proctor of your choice. The proctor could be a librarian, school teacher, or notary – some professional person.

The final written exam is open book and when completed should be mailed back to IIPA for grading. You are allowed to use my course notebook and chart for the exam.

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