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by Bernard Jensen, DC, PhD, ND


This informative book will teach you everything there is to know about the trace elements, electrolytes and minerals you must have to protect your health and light up your life.

This book, like the human body, is about energy. Learn that you are an electric, chemical being. Know how you are all put together. When your “going power” is gone, how do you regain it? Let nature assist you back to health. This is a book to help you restore lost energy. Start the energy working in your body and the minerals will do their job. Change your mind! Become wiser! Step into the energies of nature and become one with action, exuberance, and healing! Come Alive! is meant to teach you to harmonize your body with the minerals that feed, trace elements that rejuvenate, and electrolytes that energize! Total Health Through an Understanding of Minerals, Trace Elements, & Electrolytes.

BONUS CHAPTER: Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Victory Over Cancer and Paralysis.

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