About Art Jensen

Art was the first born son to Dr. Bernard Jensen and his second wife, Elsie Jensen. He grew up on Dr. Jensen’s health ranches, helping in the gardens and kitchen. He later went to college and studied business, accounting and tax preparation. He worked in the field of insurance for several years. He operated several businesses of his own including accounting and tax preparation. Art Jensen managed the Hidden Valley Health Ranch for his father for thirty years. When Dr. Bernard Jensen passed away, it was his desire for Art to take over his business. Art now owns and operates Bernard Jensen International as the President and Director. He coordinates and manages the shipping of natural health products throughout the world, and all operations of BJI. Art is dedicated to preserving the writings and research of Dr. Bernard Jensen so this timeless information will continue to be available. He also oversees and manages the seminars and classes presented by his wife, Ellen Tart-Jensen, and they travel together throughout the world presenting Iridology and Nutrition Seminars.


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