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This book is a food guide that teaches the basics of health and nutrition for the family. Learn how proper foods can replenish specific mineral deficiencies, overcome allergies and build immunity. Find out how to select and cook foods for the welfare of the entire family based on Dr. Jensen’s 60 years of sanitarium practice during which these methods were substaniated by the improved health of his patients. Dr. Jensen feels this is one of his greatest works.

– 460 Pages
– Hardbound

Topics include:

– Analytical Food Guide
– From Soil to Your Kitchen
– Diets and a Healthy Way to Live
– Raw Juices, Tonics and Broths
– My Daily Health & Harmony Kitchen
– Specialty Foods and Food Supplements
– Lecithin: Brain & Nerve Feeding
– The Candida Albicans Yeast Program
– Acidophilus: Feeding the Friendly Bowel Bacteria
– How Much and What Kind of Protein Should We Have?

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