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To understand disease we must first know the value and chemical content of our foods. Man molds to the food he eats and becomes prey to various diseases if he eats a faulty diet. General well-being is greatly influenced by the chemical composition of our diets. This book discusses specific chemicals and their role in maintaining good health.

Topics include:
– Man, His Environment and the Elements
– Iridology, Nutrition and the Chemical Elements
– The Twenty Chemical Types of Man
– Fundamental Laws of Health
– Calcium, the “Knitter”
– Chlorine, The Cleanser
– Iodine, the Metabolizer
– Magnesium, the Relaxer
– Nitrogen, the Restrainer
– Phosphorous, the Light Bearer
– Silicon, the Magnetic Element
– Fluorine, the Decay-Resistant Element
– Food is More than Meets the Eye
– Soils, Mineral and Seeds
– Carbon, the Builder
– Hydrogen, the Moisturizer
– Iron, the Frisky Horse
– Manganese, the Love Element
– Oxygen, the Giver of Life
– Potassium, the Great Alkalizer
– Sodium, the Youth Element
– Sulphur, the Heating Element

Hardbound – 599 pages

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