Iridology: The Science And Practice Vol. II


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A complete text and reference work for the advanced student and those pursuing a career in iridology. Ten years in the making! The most complete English text on the fundamentals of iridology. Over 1,200 beautiful color plates showing the fiber structures of the eyes. Electromagnetic photography. Many charts and illustrations. Includes plastic overlays for eye pictures and references on every organ as reflexively seen in the iris. Eye charts from China, Russia and Spain.

– Hardbound
– 600 Pages

Topics include:

– Fundamental Iris Markings
– Importance of the Pupil
– Four Stages of Tissue Activity
– Five Channels of Elimination
– Glands: Endocrine & Exocrine
– Nerve Tissues and Pathways
– How We Build a Disease
– Subclinical Manifestations
– Genealogy and Genetic Factors
– Drugs, Psora and Miamas
– Whole System for the Whole Man
– Glandular Functions and The Metabolic Process
– Adnormal Growth, Operations, Injuries and Wounds
– Reflexology and Neurogenic Symptoms
– History of Iridology and Chart Development
– Homeopthic Concepts in Iridology
– Nine Body Systems and their Relationship to Iridology
– Anatomy of the Eye
– Eye Color and Variations
– Hering’s Law of Cure
– Breathing & Respiratory System
– The Digestive System
– The Brain: Master Control Center
– Nerve Tissues and Pathways
– Tissue Cleansing
– Case Histories
– The Brain: The Human Computer
– Theory and Philosophy of Iridology

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