16 Popular Paperback Book Bundle by Dr. Bernard Jensen


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17 Popular Paperback Book Bundle by Dr. Bernard Jensen includes the most valuable nutrition and healing information.

The titles included are:

Classic 5 of the 6-volume MASTER NUTRITION COURSE including:

It says #1 or #9) Nutrition Handbook
#2) Special Foods for the Caring Kitchen
#3) Forever Young Living
#4) Body Chemistry is SOLD OUT ~ You will not be receiving this book due to it not being in stock anymore unless you buy the e-book
#5) Food Wisdom for Long Life
#6) Master Feeding Program

Book # 6: Rejuvenation & Regeneration

Healing proceeds through a process of reversal beginning with the events that originally brought on the disease. European homeopath Constantine Hering discovered “The Law of Cure.” This book discusses this law and its relationship to the reversal process and the healing crisis. How does a healing crisis work? Find out as you read this book.

Topics Include:
-Catarrh: A Host for Disease
-Elimination and Catarrh
-Stages of Fatigue
-What Happens in a Tired Body
-The Healing Force Within
-Vital Force and Vitality Wasters =Taking Care of Your Lymph System & Large Bowel

Book # 7: Garlic Healing Powers

Quality Paperback – 88 pages

Health Handbook #8

Dr. Jensen believed that garlic is one of the most valuable healing foods in nature’s garden. This book contains valuable information on how garlic plays such an important role as a member of the herbal kingdom. It includes garlic research, updates, and uses, as well as garlic recipes and other ways to enjoy garlic.

Topics include:
– The Healing Power of Garlic
– Sulfur, the Great Purifier
– Garlic and the Immune System
– Grow Your Own Garlic
– Garlic Recipes

Book # 8: Herbs: Wonder Herbs

by Bernard Jensen, DC, PhD, ND

Herbs are foods, and Dr. Jensen believes foods should be our medicines.

Health is found in herbs more specifically than in all other foods we use. Herbs can bring a greater balance to a regular food program. It is time we know how to use herbs to improve and heal the body, maintain good health, and add to all the processes the body is capable of accomplishing. We should be able to feed every organ of the body so we can keep well and have the best of life we seek.

– Paperback
– 119 Pages

Topics include:

– 100-million Year Old Plant Remedies
– Staying Well on a Cave Man’s Diet
– Herbal remedies
– Herbs Speak for Themselves
– The Kingdom of Herbs
– Don’t Say Farewell to Herbs

Book #9: Unfoldment of the Great Within

Learn how your feelings, thoughts, and attitudes can affect your life and health. A great axiom of life is that we live on what we pour out. If you only pour out negative, distrustful, and destructive thoughts, that is what you attract. But if you pour out positive, uplifting thoughts and ideas, you will attract the higher things in life.

Topics include:
• Becoming a Serene and Mighty Leader
• Your Infinite Possibilities
• Discovering Your Own Genius
• How to Focus the Mind
• Brain Building and Self-Training
• How to become Happy and Remain So

Dr. Jensen suggests that you read this first in any healing program.

Book #10: Breathe Again Naturally

Learn how to correct symptoms of asthma, allergies, hay fever, and other respiratory problems. Suggestion for helpful herbs, food supplements, breathing exercises, nutrition, climate, and altitude improvements. Rid the body of the causes of constant colds, bronchial trouble, coughing, and catarrh in the elimination channels.

Topics include:

– Contributing Causes
– Fatigue
– Herbal Remedies and Diet
– Posture and Breathing
– Emotions and Attitudes
– The Reversal Process
– Detoxification and Tissue Cleansing
– Respiratory Problems and the Iris
– Respiratory Conditions and Symptoms
– Genetic Factors, Inherent Weaknesses, and Allergies

Book #11: The Healing Power of Chlorophyll from Plant Life

Chlorophyll, our greatest healer, has been used in salves and skin foods for many years. If you truly want to get well and feel rejuvenated, turn to greens. Discusses Dr. Jensen’s axiom, “When you are green inside, you are clean inside.”

Topics include:

– Nature: Key to Survival
– Overall Diet Needs
– Chlorophyll Remedies
– Juices for Specific Conditions
– Life Depends on the Chemicals in Us
– Health Magic Through Chlorophyll
– Dr. Jensen’s Balanced Daily Eating Regimen

Quality Paperback – 154 pages

Book #12: A New Lifestyle for Health & Happiness

A summary of Dr. Jensen’s most effective methods of restoring and maintaining good health including a sound program for improving your lifestyle. Gives a daily routine necessary to lift your life to a higher level.

Topics include:
• Daily Chart for Personal Progress
• Eliminating Toxic Settlements
• 30 Days to a New Bloodstream
• Retracing Back to Good Health
• Building Up Natural Defenses
• Suggestions to Get You Started
• The Cycle of Foods in Sevens
• Healthy Recipes and Exercises

Book #13: Your Home for Health and Happiness

Simple, practical suggestions for turning your home into an environment the supports greater health and well being. Make changes in the home where many health problems begin.

– Paperback
– 144 Pages

Topics Include:
– The Wellness Center Home
– The Outside Environment
– Domestic Animals
– Kitchen Consciousness
– Make Your Food Your Medicine
– How to Pick a Doctor

Book #14: A Hunza Trip with Dr. Bernard Jensen

The finest book ever written about the longevity and health secrets of the amazing Hunza people of Pakistan. Additional chapters by Dr. Bernard Jensen.

– 148 pages
– Paperback

Topics include:

– The Hunza People
– Continuity and Heredity
– Whole Diet Experiments
– Causation of Disease
– Hunza Food and Its Civilization

Book #15: Master Feeding

-37 pages

The Master Feeding Program is a wonderful compendium of Dr. Jensen’s food ideas, starting with his thesis that nutritional deficiencies are at the root of human disease and ending with a balanced food regimen that represents the centerpiece of his strategy for preventing or reversing disease.

In this book you will encounter food concepts that provide hope and assistance to patients that others had given up on. These concepts have been tested and shown to be valid by the results obtained with many patients, including people with chronic arthritis, cardiovascular disease, leg ulcers, anemia and many other chronic and degenerative diseases.

While every therapy may do some good for a patient, no therapy can build and repair tissue without proper nutritional support. There is no substitute for the kind of food knowledge that has let thousands of patients back to good health.

Book #16: Picture is still showing Blending Magic – (THIS IS NOW SOLD OUT)
Is full of wonderful recipes including delicious healthy dips, soups, nut milks and nut butters. It is a must to have in the kitchen for anyone who wants to improve digestion and get more nutrients from their foods.

Affinities tend to draw people together creating a network of harmonies that enable us to get along. This book gives a unique perspective on human relationships in harmony and conflict. Learn how to enhance your relationships and understand what makes relationships work.

– Paperback
– 42 Pages

Topics includes:

– Glands and The Sexual System
– Danger Signs and the Five Senses
– The Sexiest Sounds in the World
– Touch – The Most Intimate Sense
– From Kitchen to Bedroom

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