About Ellen Tart-Jensen

About Ellen Tart-Jensen

Like her mentor Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ellen has had a great love for Iridology.

Her father-in-law, Dr. Bernard Jensen, is known worldwide as the “Father of American Iridology”.

Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc. C.C.I.I. studied the science of Iridology for several years with the legendary natural healer, Dr. Bernard Jensen, at the Hidden Valley Health Ranch in California. Ellen became Dr. Jensen’s protégé, learning all that he had to teach in the fields of Iridology, and Nutrition and is the only person who has written permission from Dr. Bernard Jensen to place his seal on his iridology certificates.

Ellen has studied and worked in the field of iridology and natural healing for nearly 30 years. She is now an internationally recognized authority on iridology and “Whole-istic” health. Ellen’s e-books and educational courses in iridology are used by natural healing schools and students around the world. She is renowned for her work in Comprehensive Iridology™. 

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Ellen’s Accomplishments

President of the International Iridology Practitioners Association

Ellen served as President of the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) and continues to serve as Advisor to the Board of Directors and on the Certifications and Standards Committee.

Director of the School of Iridology & Co-Chair of the PH.D. Program

Ellen is Director of the School of Iridology and Co-Chair of the Ph.D. Program for the University of Natural Medicine. She has served as instructor and Dean for the School of Iridology at Westbrook University.

Research Advisor for Howard Medical University 

Ellen has worked with Howard Medical University and Winston Salem State University on iridology research. In February 2012, she received the Iridologist of the Year Award  by the IIPA at the yearly IIPA Symposium.

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